Finding a Suburb

Depending on the budget depends where I can buy into.  Have been going suburb by suburb across the map, looking at houses and units, like for like, comparing sales and asking prices.  Trying to work out the high and low of an area and what the middle dollar range is.

Action Plan: ask the mortgage broker what price we can buy up to.

Capital Growth in Property

On the weekend I had the opportunity to play a game – like Monopoly – with other like-minded property investors.  It was fun, and also informative.  Teaching the importance of capital growth; that it’s good to have, and to buy in the right place at the right timing.  Understanding the Investing clock/cycle and where individual property markets sit within this cycle is so important in maximising any potential natural capital increase.

Action Plan: Learn more about this cycle and what influences capital growth.



Abundance via Property

Creating wealth and abundance via property and real estate is important to me (and many others).  I have created this blog to record my actions and activity, from now, to inspire others on their own journey.

Up to now my journey looks like a mountain range, with cliffs (a few that I’ve fallen off of) and beautiful views, where I’ve occasionally been, as a result of my steps.  I understand everything I have done up to now has brought me to where I am.  My doing. Not anyone elses’.

My doing, will take me to where the beautiful views are, and when I get to the cliffs, the ones I must jump, wear a parachute to minimise my painful landing.  And carry on to the next vista.

In reading my posts, I invite you to be inspired on your own journey, and share back your actions and results.

Here’s to creating Abundance via an Interesting Journey.  M.H.


To Record My Actions Investing in Property